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About us


JSC “IT Project” was founded in February 2009. As a part of JSC “LightCommunication Kaluga” our company exists in Kaluga region since 2003.
In 2009 design business finally was formed into separated business with own purposes, tasks, development directions, personnel and equipment. In result “IT Project” company was created as a reflection of already developed infrastructure.
At present moment we continue a close cooperation with “LightCommunication Kaluga” and often we jointly implement difficult complex projects on automation and construction of IT inffrastructury for enterprises.

“IT Project” – complex decisions in a sphere of high technologies

The main line of “IT Project” is a realization of complex projects in administrative and information technology sphere.

Lines of business:

We design, deliver, mount and adjust:

  • Linear constructions of communication: fiber-optical communication (FOC) lines (in water drain, throw air), copper communication lines, a radio access etc.
  • Automatic telephone exchanges (ATE)
  • Structured cable systems (SCS), local computer network (LAN)
  • Video observation systems
  • Access control and management system
  • Server room
  • automatic car parking
  • Networks of power supplies to 1000 volt
  • Videoconferences
  • etc

Together with our partners we implement prijects on complex automation of production processes, fire protection, air-conditioning and ventilation of industrial targets.


Mission of “IT Project”:

We are a leader in Kaluga’s market of complex decisions in sphere of automation and information technology. We carry on fair business and promote business development of our clients. We offer them competitive, hi-tech decisions.

Vision of “IT Project”:

Hi-tech decisions, automation, competently developed IT infrastructure of company in the modern global world play a determinant role for safety competitiveness and the superiority over other market makers. Traditional borders are erased when any partner from any corner of the world can be accessible in few clicks of a computer mouse.

Values of “IT Project”:

We are assured of our forces and are ready to study new things. We are able to finish each task, whatever difficult it was. With each large implemented project we can tell more confidently about ourselves that we are ready to perform works and projects of any complexity. We work both in Kaluga and the Kaluga region, and in all nearby areas – Moscow, Bryansk, Smolensk, Tula, etc.


We are fair with employees. Our employees are provided by all social guarantees prescribed by the legislation (white salaries, hospital, the overalls, necessary stock and the tools, the equipped work places etc.)
We are fair with clients. For all performed works we have admissions of self-adjustable organizations. This fashionable innovation of our state, probably, still seems exotic and not so important. But it not so. Availability of self-adjustable organization admission on production of works means a guarantee for the customer that he is substantially insured against poor-quality work of the contractor. All members of self-adjustable organization are obliged to insure the risks, including risk of failure to carry out of works, and in case of origin of problems at the customer much more chances to avoid financial and other losses if all works are produced by the company consisting in self-adjustable organization. Availability of access in self-adjustable organization means also that the client deals not with ephemeral firm which will disappear in a month after accomplishment of works. The admission fee in self-adjustable organization considerable enough and the introduction in self-adjustable organization testifies to gravity and responsibility before clients and before the state.

Satisfaction results of the work

Each time, carrying out the project, we rejoice that have left in this world one more material trace :). And it is especially pleasant that the sphere of our activity is one of the most hi-tech, demands the big knowledge and experience, continuous improvement of the knowledge and advanced training.

We are glad that you’ve  interested in our company, and we hope for long-term cooperation.
You can ask our employees any arisen questions by phone +7 (4842) 77-00-44, write a letter using special form or directly in office located to the address: office 302-6, 4, Gagarina str, Kaluga.


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